Health Through Water: GROHE Goes to Milan


GROHE once again created an immersive experience at this year’s esteemed Milan Design Week. With four distinct GROHE SPA Bathroom Collections being a highlight of this year’s exhibit, luxury and rejuvenation were at the forefront of the design, but it was the overall experience of GROHE’s 2024 showcase that was one to behold. Join us as we dive into the GROHE SPA experience and discover “Health Through Water”.
Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale Transformed

Situated just steps from the iconic Duomo di Milano, GROHE welcomed guests from around the world to experience the transformative GROHE SPA installation in the courtyard of the Palazzo Reale, the former Royal Palace of Milan. This year’s installation was designed to pay tribute to the once lush landscape of the courtyard that displayed a quadrant of pristine gardenscapes surrounding a picturesque fountain. The exhibit paid homage to the rich history of the Palazzo Reale space while juxtaposing with the contemporary GROHE SPA “Health Through Water” experience, all tying to Milan Design Week’s overarching theme of Materia Natura. 

Experience Aquatecture

The GROHE SPA installation immersed visitors in the innovative concept of "Aquatecture"—the fusion of water and architecture—through four distinct spaces. Each area emphasized the significant role of water in architectural design and the health and well-being benefits this infusion brings. Guests explored GROHE SPA’s display of luxurious, meticulously curated bathroom collections that embodied the brand's core philosophy, "Salus per aquam" or "Health Through Water." 

Experience Aquatecture
aquatalks with ceasar and jean

AquaTalks with Cesar Giraldo and Jean-Jacques L’Henaff

Throughout the week in Milan, GROHE SPA hosted a series of AquaTalks including one on the topic of Revitalization, featuring GROHE brand partner and visionary interior designer, Cesar Giraldo, and LIXIL Global Design Leader, Jean-Jacques L’Henaff. In case you missed it, here are some highlights.

What does Revitalization mean when it comes to crafting wellness-centered spaces? It is about creating a tailored design that offers a holistic, multi-sensory experience for those who seek indulgent moments to unwind from the everyday stresses and stimuli. It is about creating spaces that balance wellness across these sensory experiences such as reflection, revitalization and energization. Specifically, the bathroom has evolved significantly in meaning over the past few years, departing from that of purely utilitarian functions and now increasingly regarded as a sanctuary for self-care and relaxation. This shift in perception has led to a growing emphasis on creating bathroom environments that provide comfort and shift the concept of routine to ritual. 


The GROHE SPA Difference

All of the concepts discussed in the Revitalization AquaTalk link seamlessly with the GROHE SPA mindset and collection of products. “Health through Water” and indulgent, relaxing experiences are the cornerstone of GROHE SPA. 

Create luxurious bathroom havens with our two full bathroom collections, the Allure Collection and the Atrio Collection. Both bring a clean, contemporary aesthetic that delivers pristine water experiences and unmatched luxury. They are crafted with care and engineered to provide leading performance and lifetime durability. 

You can also elevate your bathroom space with the GROHE SPA showering collections, featuring the innovative and tech-savvy SmartControl Thermostatic Shower Trims and SmartActive Collection Hand Showers. Design your shower your way with the stunning Sena Stick Hand Shower or Euphoria Cube Hand Shower, each featuring GROHE EcoJoy technology that uses less water without sacrificing performance. Lastly, add more luxury to your shower with the collection of Rainshower Aqua Body Sprays that offer both a gentle Rain or invigorating ActiveJet spray in either Square or Round styles. 

Discover more about GROHE and the transformative experience at Milan Design Week here.


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