How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom


The bathroom is a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. A space that should offer retreat and indulgence to our everyday living. Adding luxury to your bathroom can be done in so many ways, both in small and large scale. Here are some of our top ways to elevate your bathroom with a touch of luxury. 

1. Gilded Glamour


Nothing says luxury quite like a touch of gold. You can instantly elevate your bathroom by adding warm, gilded finishes. This could be as small scale as your cabinetry hardware or go grander with the finish throughout the entirety of the space. GROHE’s Brushed Cool Sunrise Finish uses warm undertones and a brushed coating for a contemporary take on the traditional brass finish. It is now offered in a number of GROHE’s most popular bathroom collections, including the newly redesigned Allure Bathroom Collection. Discover the captivating beauty of the modern Allure Collection, featuring leading innovations for a spa-like bathroom experience.


2. Add A Marble Moment

The timeless beauty and elegance that natural marble can bring to a space simply cannot be understated. Once again, this can be added in a variety of ways and budgets, but all can lend the same level of sophistication to a space. Go big with real marble in the shower with full wall tiling or make a statement with a marble bathtub surround. Get the look with a faux marble-inspired porcelain for flooring or incorporate a touch of marble through decorative objects. 

The Atrio Bathroom Collection

3. Splurge on Your Shower


Investing in your shower is something that will provide returns each and every day. Creating an oasis in your home bathroom may seem like a luxury, but it is something that every household can benefit from. Transform your shower with ease by simply upgrading your showerhead. The GROHE Rainshower Mono 310 Shower Heads offer full body coverage and a relaxing rainfall spray, ideal for any luxury shower. Add even more functionality to your shower with sleek shower fixtures, such as GROHE’s Rainshower Aqua Body Sprays and Rainshower SmartActive Hand Shower, for a full body shower retreat. Learn more about how to design a luxury shower HERE.


4. Go Luxe with Lighting

The bathroom is the perfect space to add dramatic statement lighting and is an opportunity to go bold. Rethink your standard vanity lighting with something more glam and inspired to draw the eye and enhance a focal point. You can easily tie your lighting into the space by coordinating the finish or staying within the same design style for a cohesive look. In your bathroom space, opt for lighting on dimmers to allow for a relaxing mood when you are looking to indulge in a more zen-like retreat. 

The GROHE Essence Widespread M-Size Bathroom Faucet

5. Think Tech


Treat yourself to smart-home functionality that will bring your bathroom into the future of luxury design. Think shower technology, both inside and out. Starting with inside the shower, GROHE’s SmartControl Shower Systems offer personalized settings that can be adjusted with the push and turn of a button for the ultimate shower experience. Its GROHE TurboStat® technology brings leading-edge efficiency to the shower by heating up your water in a fraction of a second and maintaining your ideal temperature throughout. For outside the shower, investing in warming towel racks or heated floors are an added luxury to make your bathroom feel like a wellness retreat. 


6. Highlight Art

Your bathroom is an extension of the design used throughout the rest of your home, so infuse your personality in this space with your favorite artwork. Whether you have a large bathroom and can bring in oversized art canvases or have a compact powder room where you can highlight a small gallery, art work is always an element that can add instant luxury. Having art that feels like a feature versus just a finishing detail is the key to making the artwork you choose a true touch of luxury.  

The GROHE Essence Widespread M-Size Bathroom Faucet

7. Adopt a Minimalistic Aesthetic


A minimalist design aesthetic brings sophistication to a luxurious contemporary bathroom. Opt for clean lines, neutral colour palettes, and a clutter free space that will have your bathroom feeling like a personal sanctuary. For minimalist bathroom fixtures that will bring luxury to your bathroom, explore GROHE’s Essence Bathroom Collection and Concetto Bathroom Collection defined by their precise curves and quality craftsmanship.


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