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GROHE considers it its mission to develop water-saving technologies and products. The company has set itself the goal of developing products that enable users to use water and energy resources safely and responsibly. 

GROHE has developed a line of smart water-saving technologies that use less water but do not reduce the enjoyment of the experience.

GROHE Blue Chilled and Sparkling Kitchen Faucet

Water Filter & Carbonation Kitchen Faucets

GROHE Blue kitchen system that transforms ordinary tap water into filtered, chilled, still or sparkling water.

With a GROHE Blue system in the home, families never need to buy water in a plastic bottle again. 

Essence Bathroom Sink Faucets

Faucets with Minimum Consumption & Maximum Enjoyment

GROHE EcoJoy single-lever faucets feature a flow-limiting aerator, reducing water consumption without compromising experience. The result: a satisfying, voluminous flow that never exceeds 1.5 gallons per minute, which is kind to your pocket as it is to the environment.


Water-Saving Shower Heads & Hand Showers

Choose a shower head with GROHE EcoJoy technology and you can significantly reduce your water consumption while still benefiting from an enjoyable and revitalizing experience. Not only is this good for the environment and the future generations, but it will also reduce your household bill too.

Concealed Dual Flush Plates

Concealed Dual-Flush Plates


Designed for use with wall-hung toilets, concealed dual-flush plates let the user choose how much water to use when flushing the toilet. By using a lower volume of water to flush the toilet you can dramatically reduce your annual water consumption and contribute to the protection of this valuable natural resource.

Buy GROHE Sense and Sense Guard at the GROHE Shop

GROHE Sense & Sense Guard Stops Water Damage in its tracks


GROHE Sense & Sense Guard provide your home with protection against water damage and leaks. These innovative products connect to a state-of-the-art app on your phone to keep you alerted and give you the power to stop leaks before they damage your home.


GROHE Water Saving Technologies

GROHE has developed a line of smart water-saving technologies that use less water but do not reduce the enjoyment of the experience. This tile could work but please let me know if you need a new one:

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GROHE Water Savings

For an average household of 4 people, water savings with Grohe will save you 109,865 Liters per year.


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