SmartControl Kitchen Faucets

GROHE Essence SmartControl Kitchen Faucet in Kitchen with Bread

precise control at your fingertips

GROHE SmartControl, Designed to Make a Difference

How can we make everyday kitchen tasks effortless in a fresh, new way? This intriguing question resulted in the creation of the GROHE SmartControl faucet. Distinctly different in design and function, with no lever to regulate or handles to fine-tune, it’s sleeker and more streamlined than most. Equipped with the exclusive GROHE SmartControl button at the tip of the spout, it enables easy push-button on/off and hands-free convenience, essential features in today’s busy kitchen.

GROHE Zedra SmartControl Kitchen Faucet

Push button to start & stop the
water flow

GROHE Zedra SmartControl Kitchen Faucet

Turn button to set the water volume

from soft stream to powerful flow

GROHE Zedra SmartControl Kitchen Faucet

Turn dial at base to the left or right

to adjust water temperature

kitchen Faucet collections

with smartcontrol kitchen faucets

Woman using SmartControl kitchen faucet to wash food

Practical Perfection

Uniquely designed to make everyday tasks effortless, the exclusive GROHE SmartControl® button is conveniently located at the tip of the spout. Simply push the button to start water flow, push again to shut water off, ideal when hands are sticky or occupied. Turn the SmartControl button to adjust water volume from a soft stream to a powerful flow, perfect for rinsing vegetables or quickly filling pots. A gentle turn of the valve at the base of the faucet delivers the perfect water temperature.

The GROHE SmartControl kitchen faucets are precision engineered, incorporating time-tested GROHE features for lasting beauty and superior performance.



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