grohe spa

Dive into the blissful world of GROHE SPA and indulge in new multi-sensory experiences. Soothing, memorable and distinctive just like the calming sound of water.

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grohe spa
Timeless elegance and carefully crafted precision define this signature design
grohe spa
Creates a harmonious bathroom for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation



The word SPA originally comes from the first letters of “Salus Per Aquam”, and means “Health Through Water” in Latin. This is the founding concept behind GROHE SPA. This sub-brand of GROHE has been conceived to deliver the highest expression of GROHE’s four brand pillars, at the pinnacle of design, technology, quality and sustainability. GROHE SPA products redefine what is possible using industry-leading techniques.


With this singular approach and obsession with delivering the highest-quality experiences possible, we offer a portfolio of distinctive and exquisite products, infused with new technologies and experiences. These further enhance our connection and enjoyment of water. All imbued with the GROHE promise of exceptional craftsmanship and quality.


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