GROHE Sense Guard

Known for sleek design, superior innovation in technology and unparalleled craftsmanship, GROHE is also focused on securing a sustainable future. Protecting the planet’s most precious resource—water—is the driving force behind the development of a series of GROHE products for the home. GROHE knows that every drop of water goes a long way—and it needs to last. The company strives to ensure customers can manage their consumption of water and energy with ease. Here’s how GROHE is working toward a sustainable future for generations to come.

Leak Prevention
Many homeowners know how much it costs in time, money and aggravation when a little leak becomes a big headache, causing mold or major water damage. According to the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, water damage is responsible for 48 percent of Canadian home claims. The average price tag is steep, at about $6,000. It also costs the environment: even a leak of one drop per second wastes about 10,000 litres of water a year, or enough water to take 85 baths. In 93 percent of cases, water damage can be prevented. Installing a sensor system, such as the GROHE Sense and Sense Guard, is a smart way to get ahead of the problem. The Sense Guard will send an alert to your phone if it detects anything, including frost, humidity, a small leak or a burst pipe. It will also shut off your water supply automatically to prevent further damage. The system uses the GROHE ONDUS app to track your water consumption on your smartphone, helping you keep your bills under control. It’s also easy to install. The GROHE Sense can be set up around your home in 10 minutes, while the Sense Guard can be installed by a professional in under 90 minutes. Whether installed together or independently, the GROHE Sense and Sense Guard help you lower the risk of water damage and ensure no water is wasted in the process. 
Reducing Plastic Waste
Bottled water may be convenient, but it comes with a cost. Lugging cases of bottled water from the store to your car to your home or office is inconvenient. Storing it can be a challenge. But more than that is the impact on the environment. It takes seven litres of water to produce one litre of bottled water in addition to the energy used and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the process. There’s a health cost, too. In a study conducted by the State University of New York in Fredonia, researchers tested bottled water for harmful micro plastic particles and found that 93 per cent of the water tested contained cancer-causing micro plastics. What about the planet? Around the world, 20,000 plastic bottles are bought every second. In Ontario alone, one billion plastic water bottles are sent to landfills every year—only 14 percent end up being recycled. Each plastic bottle takes more than 450 years to decompose. Chemicals from plastic bottles leach into our soil and water, contaminating our food supply and killing our sea life.
The GROHE Blue Chilled and Sparkling filtered water system is a smart and sustainable alternative to bottled water. Hassle-free and convenient, you can have great tasting, filtered still or sparkling water right from your kitchen tap. The system cuts the waste involved in processing bottled water by 85 percent and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 83 percent without compromising taste. In fact, GROHE worked with Europe’s leading filtered water professionals to ensure an unparalleled and refreshing drinking experience. How does it work? GROHE’s high-performance filters use a five-step filtration process to remove even the smallest particles from tap water, leaving behind all the beneficial minerals and great, pure taste. 
Saving Water in the Washroom
Products such as GROHE Rainshower hand-held shower heads have a modern, minimalist design and a water-saving Eco button on the handle. As part of the GROHE EcoJoy product line, it reduces water consumption by up to 40 percent, while also being equipped with the technology to provide a satisfying shower experience. Not only does SmartControl technology allow you to choose and store your preferences for the outlet, waterflow and temperature, but also the TurboStat technology built in your shower delivers water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second and reduces those fluctuations throughout, saving you water, energy and any risk of potential scalding or freezing.

Upgrading to dual-flush toilets or high-efficiency models provides exceptional quality while also being environmentally friendly. These models use approximately four to six litres per flush instead of 13. If everyone did this, we would save 12,500 litres per person per year—enough to fill 150 bathtubs. The GROHE Eurocube and Essence toilet collections are good examples of high-efficiency, water saving designs that also look stylish in any washroom. Beautiful and eco-conscious, you can pair them with matching faucets and accessories for a coordinated, seamless look.
Low-flow faucets, such as the GROHE Essence Collection, features a flow-limiting design that never exceeds 5.8 litres per minute and is certified GROHE EcoJoy. This enables you to reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent compared to standard faucets, while maintaining the same perfect flow. In addition, these faucets have an adjustable temperature limiter to further reduce energy consumption. While promising the same durable quality you’ve come to expect from GROHE, the faucet line now comes in five colour finishes. The new Brushed Cool Sunrise, Polished Hard Graphite and Polished Nickel InfinityFinish™ are created through a PVD (physical vapour disposition) process that provides a more scratch resistant and tarnish resistant finish. At GROHE we ensure that throughout this finishing process no harmful chemicals are used. Not only will your washroom be stylish and sustainable, it will also stand the test of time. 

Sustainability in the kitchen
GROHE offers many sleek and convenient faucet options for the kitchen, too. Chic, hands-free designs, such as the Essence or Ladylux L2 collections, create an impressive focal point for your kitchen, whether it’s traditional or modern in style. The GROHE SmartControl faucet has no lever or handles—it’s equipped with the exclusive GROHE SmartControl button at the tip of the spout—an essential hands-free feature for today’s busy families – and TurboStat technology to get your desired temperature in a fraction of a second. Special fittings ensure water only flows through temperature mixers when needed. Depending on the model, the mixer automatically turns off and saves water when you remove your hands to soap dishes, for instance, or after a pre-set time.
GROHE’s LadyLux L2 kitchen faucet offers now three spray modes including a laminar spray, shower spray and the new forceful blade spray, ideal for targeted power while using less water. Another new feature in the collection is the pause button, allowing you to pause water flow while you switch between sink basins to avoid splashback or unnecessary water usage. 
At GROHE we are dedicated to offering a full-spectrum of water-saving products for the home. We are proud that our efforts have led us to a nomination for the German Sustainability Award 2021 for the company’s continued commitment to social responsibility and environmental protection.