Chilled and sparkling water

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Our all-in-one home water cooler and carbonation system delivers freshly chilled and filtered water straight from the kitchen faucet, with a level of carbonation matched to your taste.
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GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling - The Water Filter Faucet with Extras

With all the features and benefits found on GROHE Blue Pure, GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling takes water filter systems to the next level. Not only does the system feature an advanced under-sink filter, it also chills the water and offers a choice of two levels of carbonation.

Water filter faucets – saving natural resources
With a home water filter system, there’s also no need for transportation from source to supermarket and no need to lug heavy bottles of mineral water home.

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Home Water Cooler

After the water has passed through the four-step filtration process, the under-sink water cooler chills the filtered water to a pleasant temperature of 6° Celsius.

Home water carbonator
Still, semi-sparkling or carbonated? Unlike a tabletop soda maker, our water filter faucet with cooler and carbonator takes up no extra space on your kitchen work surface.

The GROHE Blue® Chilled & Sparkling water filter system delivers filtered, chilled and carbonated water direct from your kitchen faucet.

Simply turn the three-step handle on the left of the tap to select chilled and filtered water, with a level of effervescence perfectly tuned to your palate.

- Step 1 – still
- Step 2 – semi-sparkling
- Step 3 – fully carbonated


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