minta touch

Minta Touch
Minta Touch kitchen faucet

Minta Touch

Simple – sensual – moving

GROHE’s successful kitchen range Minta™ takes another step with our latest innovation.

The GROHE Minta™ Touch comes with a small but distinctive difference: Enhanced with Touch technology, it instantly reacts to the slightest touch, enabling you to turn it on and off without leaving a mark on its surface. There is no need to use the handle if your hands are dirty from cooking. Just tap the faucet with the wrist or forearm for perfect control every time.

This practical, hygienic technology is seamlessly integrated, meaning Minta™ retains the same gorgeous good looks as before. It’s available as a pull-down faucet with a curved C-shaped swivel spout or a pull-out faucet with a striking L-shaped swivel spout—the choice is in your hands.


Arm using touch function for Minta Touch kitchen faucet to turn on running water
Clean & Hygienic
Minta Touch kitchen faucet
Fusion of Design & Technology
Minta Touch kitchen faucet
Modern, Timeless, Beautiful, Innovative
Minta Touch Safe For Children Feature
Modern, Timeless, Beautiful, Innovative


Installation is surprisingly easy. Just follow the easy steps shown in the installation video and the Minta Touch will be ready to use in no time.


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