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GROHE Sense Guard Smart Water Controller

22503LN0 - GROHE Sense Guard Smart Water Controller
22503LN0 - GROHE Sense Guard Smart Water Controller
22503LN0 - GROHE Sense Guard Smart Water Controller
  • White
Product Number 22503LN0
EAN 4005176412059
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Product Description

The GROHE Sense Guard water control system continuously monitors water pressure in the pipes, detecting every anomaly from minor leaks to a major burst. Once a pipe burst is detected, the water supply is automatically shut off and an alert is sent to your smartphone. AqualQ self-learning algorithm learns your patterns of water consumption and alerts you if your water consumption is higher than usual, even detecting minor leaks and notifying you on your smartphone. GROHE Sense Guard also monitors changes in temperature and water pressure to help prevent frost damage. Grohe Sense Guard connects to your home WiFi network. In the case of a connectivity loss, GROHE Sense Guard continues to protect your home by shutting off water in the event a pipe burst occurs.

Basic Requirements:
• Single-family residential home use only
• Must be installed on potable cold water line only with a maximum 1” pipe size
• 110 V US plug type A standard electrical outlet needed
• Wireless LAN is needed to connect to the ONDUS app

Product Features:
• Guard comes standard with 3/4” NPT male adapters. A 1” NPT male adapter mounting bracket is available but sold separately
• For wireless LAN, mains powered, 110 V, US plug type A
• Detects pipe breaks, micro leaks, frost and unusual water flow
• Automatic, manual or remote shut off function to limit water damage
• Detects leaks by measuring flow rate and water pressure
• Valve normally open - without electricity the solenoid valve opens
• Use ONDUS App for both iOS and Android for customized settings and remote control
• Status indication via LED light, buzzer and app
• For horizontal or vertical installation right after the water meter. Please follow the installation instructions carefully
• Includes 70 7/8” power cable, plug type A
• CE approved and meets the requirements of IAPMO IGC 349-2017
• Noise classification 1 in accordance with DIN4109 incl. certificate

Product Highlights

Detects burst pipes, automatically shuts off the water supply and alerts you

GROHE Sense Guard detects a pipe break and automatically shuts off the water supply to prevent your home from being flooded. It alerts you with a pulsating red light and a beeping sound. Even if the system loses Wireless LAN connectivity, the AquaIQ algorithm ensures it works independently.

Shuts off the water supply manually or automatically if a pipe bursts

Think of the worst thing that can happen when you’re on holiday: a pipe bursts, the cellar gets flooded, mold creeps up the walls, the furniture is ruined and… stop right there! With GROHE Sense Guard, the moment a pipe breaks AquaBlock closes the valve, shuts off the water and saves the day – and the holiday!

Detects even tiny leakages and alerts you

Leaking pipes – along with leaking taps, showers and toilets – cause 28% of all water damage! The smallest leaks can go unnoticed for years, completely saturating walls and floors and causing extensive damage. GROHE Sense Guard detects all kinds of micro leaks and alerts you so you can react.

Ensures all alerts and actions match your household consumption

The self-learning algorithm ensures that all alerts and actions are perfectly adapted to match your household consumption. It discovers anomalies early and informs you of all unusual water consumption.

Detects if incoming water could freeze and instantly alerts you

A frozen pipe can occur during extended periods of frost, especially in areas that are not often checked such as the cellar or weekend home. GROHE Sense Guard senses the water temperature as it enters your house and gives you a warning if there is a risk from frozen water.

Tracks your water consumption accurately

With GROHE Sense Guard and the GROHE Ondus app, you can remotely track your water consumption – daily, weekly or monthly – and keep your water bills under control.

GROHE works with Nest® to provide even higher water security

For an even higher level of water security GROHE Sense Guard works with Nest®. When you leave home, GROHE Sense Guard can shut off the water automatically – either immediately or with a time delay (e.g. if you leave washing machine on). And when you return home, the water supply is automatically turned back on.

Technical Data & Care Instructions

Technical Information

Technical Product Information

Select Spare Part Prod. Description Order no.
* Optional accessories
1 GROHE Sense Guard power supply unit US 48375LN0
2 seal kit 48358000
3 union connection set 3/4" 48446000
4 GROHE Sense Guard wallmount set US 22603000*
5 Power extension cable 22521LN0*