Get Set: Understanding Thermostatic Showering

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Designing a luxury bathroom can involve a number of steps, and one that you don’t want to skip is creating an indulgent shower. The shower is a space of reinvigoration, relaxation, and retreat within the home, and an area that GROHE offers leading innovations to elevate the experience. A way to create a more premium shower experience in the home is to invest in thermostatic mixer valves. Keep reading to learn why opting for a thermostatic shower over a pressure-balance shower will ensure you get maximum water enjoyment and will provide the widest range of benefits over time.
grohe showers

What Sets Thermostatic Showers Apart?

Thermostatic shower mixers provide homeowners with precise temperature control for the full length of a shower, avoiding any sudden changes when other water outlets are in use throughout the home. In order to achieve that level of temperature consistency, the thermostatic valve mixes hot and cold water to reach your ideal, set temperature, and instantly reacts to any sudden changes in the water supply to ensure that balance of hot and cold remains the same. You can even stop your shower mid-way and upon restart, the thermostatic mixer will continue at the chosen temperature. This ability to maintain full control of your ideal temperature makes for the most enjoyable of shower experiences, increased water and energy savings, and safer conditions for those at any age.

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A Safer Shower Experience

Opting for a thermostatic shower in the home ensures a safer shower experience for yourself, as well as for children and elderly users, due to the level of constant temperature control. There is no risk of scalding or surprising cold shocks, instead you can always count on your perfect temperature throughout. 

At GROHE we have a range of thermostatic shower mixers that feature a number of industry-leading technologies, all with safety in mind. GROHE TurboStat® provides immediate reactions to any changes in the incoming water supply and re-adjusts the mix of hot and cold water accordingly, so there’s no risk of your shower water suddenly becoming dangerously hot.
GROHE CoolTouch® ensures the outer surface of the shower thermostat is never too hot to touch. And lastly, select thermostats include a SafeStop® button that can be activated to set a maximum water temperature to avoid scalding water, which is particularly helpful for families with children, senior citizens, or those with limited movement.

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Your Perfect Shower Every Time

When choosing a thermostatic shower for your home bathroom retreat, you can trust that the shower experience will be personalized to you, each and every time. At GROHE, we are experts in thermostatic shower technology to provide better convenience and more comfortable water experiences. 

Our extensive range of shower valves and premium shower components provide endless opportunities to create a customized shower space that fits the needs and style of your home. 
The Grohtherm Collection of shower trims offer single, dual, and triple functionality, allowing you to build your dream shower with as many outlet options as you desire for seamless control. Pair GROHE SmartControl thermostatic trims with SmartActive Handshowers, Rainshower Shower Heads, and Rainshower Aqua Body Sprays for the ultimate shower indulgence at home.

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A Shower You Can Feel Good About

Choosing a GROHE thermostatic shower is something you can enjoy from both an experience perspective, as well as an economical one. With no spikes in water temperature and GROHE TurboStat® technology, your shower heats up in a fraction of a second, saving you significant energy and water in the process. See just how much you can save with GROHE thermostatic shower valves with our Home Water Audit.  

GROHE thermostatic shower valves are designed with the world’s most sensitive thermometer in mind: your skin. Made from the highest-quality materials, our thermostats feature industry-leading technologies to ensure maximum showering safety and comfort, all in a range of contemporary styles to fit into today’s modern home. 

Discover more about GROHE Shower Collections here.


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